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UK/Belgian rules on missing wing mirrors?


Someone has just ripped off the right-hand wing mirror of my left-hand-drive Belgian car (so it's the passenger-side mirror that's missing). My usual mechanic can't replace it straight away. Don't use my car much so wouldn't normally be a problem but was planning to drive to UK next weekend. Am I allowed to drive in Belgium and/or UK with this mirror missing? Thanks.


Just from safety perspective, you need it for driving in the UK. If you're even considering going without one, you shouldn't be "allowed" on the road.

Jan 6, 2017 12:55

Obligatory mirrors are the interior mirror and the drivers-side exterior mirror. UK cars, the driver is seated on the right making the offside exterior wing / door mirror a legal requirement. The opposite exterior mirror applies for a left-hand drive car. Whether your car has the required mirrors to enable the driver effective rear observation and therefore legal, the police may still stop you.
It’s not just about effective rear view observation for the driver, but any remaining structural materials or debris still secured to the car. Any remains of the wing mirror may pose hazardous to pedestrians or cyclists that may be injured if come in contact. Locations where this may occur could be, but not limited to a busy junction where cyclists, pedestrians and cars are in close vicinity.
It’s essentially up to police discretion on how they deal with this issue, whether it is a legal issue in terms of appropriate mirrors to remain roadworthy or/and if the vehicle represents a hazard to other road users and pedestrians.

Jan 6, 2017 14:07

Thanks a lot, Meha, very helpful. Thanks also, J, for the fatuous judgements and total absence of facts in your response.

Jan 6, 2017 15:32