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UK student loan and Belgian mortgage


Hi all, in applying for my mortgage, my mortgage broker insisted on having details about my student loan debt in the U.K. Now I’ve discovered the lender we’ve applied to seems to be hesitating because they don’t understand how the UK student loans system works.

The exact comment I got was: “Can you please give more information over that subject because in Belgium every loan has to be paid back…” so obviously as there’s no similar system in Belgium they’re looking at it through the eyes of standard commercial loan debt which it obviously isn’t.

So I was wondering if any Brits on this forum have had any similar experience in having to reconcile their UK student loan debt with their Belgian mortgage application? I've sent my broker a long explanation about how the UK student loans system works and how repayments are means tested annually and based on what your overall salary is, as well as several links to relevant pages of the Student Loans Company website but was wondering if there's anything else I can do... Thanks in advance!


It's not on a credit rating in the UK, but as the money saving expert points out, lenders can ask about it to make sure you can pay for something like a mortgage.

So it won't appear for a small unsecured loan, but in the UK it might be taken into account by a lender for a loan like a mortgage when they make an assessment for how much you can pay back each month, and so how much they want to lend you.

So how you explain that to a Belgian lender I'm not sure - it affects your take home pay for 30 years, then dies, paid off or not...

Mar 26, 2018 10:30

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Mar 27, 2018 16:44

Whilst it is true that the Student Loan company doesn't pass details of your student loans to any credit agency, the idea that they don't know you have a student loan is quite simply laughable.

As CM correctly says, you can dream on if you think the UK credit agencies don't know if you have a student loan.

Mar 29, 2018 10:31