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UK National looking to buy first home in Antwerp



I've been searching for some information about buying a first home in Antwerp and looking to invest at the end of year. I do work remote for a UK company and would like to know if anyone has been in similar positions and would appreciate any advice. Thank you!


Step 1, find yourself a notaris and get him/her to explain what has to be done to you. His/her advice is free, you only pay for the purchase transaction (and any mortgage set up - but it is unlikely that you would qualify for a mortgage). It is particularly important to note that once you offer to buy a property in Belgium, even verbally, and that offer is accepted by the vendor, you are committed to the purchase - there is no "subject to contract" arrangement but you can include short-term conditions (ability to raise finance for example) if these are acceptable to the vendor. The purchase procedure takes up to four months and owning a property won't give you any residence rights, just tax liabilities.

Jan 14, 2023 10:20

Yes, agree with BECASSE. Speak to a Notaris BEFORE you start the process. You'll need one anyway, and if you get one before you start you'll be that much quicker when you want to make an offer.

If you need a mortgage, you might want to consider a mortgage broker instead of going directly to the bank. You mention your work situation but unless you already have the right to reside here, most banks probably won't lend to you. The brokers will have a bit more flexibility to offer "inventive" solutions. For example :

Jan 15, 2023 12:56