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UK mortgage


Hello, this query relates to a UK mortgage. I have a mortgage on a UK property with Leeds Building Society where I pay a rate of 5.69%, very low capital repayment and mainly interest for the next 24 years. This was taken out in the days when I was going to make a killing on the capital value increase. I have had my head in the sand not wanting to address this mess for a long time but finally today I dared to take a look. I want to see how I can get something a bit more manageable and cheaper. Any recommendations on banks/building societies that I can approach in the UK? Is it better to go through a broker? What kind of rate can I expect on a buy-to-let? Thanks


if you are not paid through the uk tax system then it is very difficult. you will need to find a bank with deals with international customers. The rate wont be much differance on a buy to let and the fee are high 2-3k set up cost.

Oct 28, 2011 15:57