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UK Health form S1


I will shortly reach the UK Pension age and wondering if any one uses the form S1 Healthcare system in Belgium, I received my S1 form and submitted it to my mutual society, but I do not really understand how the system works, could any member advise, please.


I am totally amazed that your mutuality doesn't understand it. I live "in the sticks" (Province of Luxembourg) and my mutuality instantly recognised the form and started the affiliation process.

It may be though that your situation is different. Since you already have a mutuality you must qualify for that affiliation in some way either by being employed (or unemployed) in Belgium or by being a dependent of someone who is. Only in the latter case do you qualify to receive your UK pension (and healthcare support through the S1 form scheme) directly from the UK. If you are or have been employed in Belgium since you left the UK, you claim your UK pension through the Belgian pension scheme and, more importantly, it is the Belgian retirement age (currently 65) and not the UK one that triggers your entitlement to a UK state pension. If this is the case (and the puzzlement of your mutuality suggests it is), your health care cover here won't change. Also if this is the case, Newcastle should have refused your application for your UK pension which suggests that you completed the application form incorrectly. If you did you should take steps to correct the situation very quickly as you have claimed payments that you are not entitled to and so will have rendered yourself liable to prosecution.

Apr 11, 2016 10:02

I passed the UK Pension age whilst living here. I can tell you how it has affected me - though there is no guarantee that you will be treated identically!
I cannot remember the specific paperwork which I got from the UK but I did whatever I was supposed to do with it.
I draw a UK state old age pension and I think that has some effect on how things work. For example, as a UK state pensioner, I now get the EHIC from UK rather than from my Belgian Mutuelle and I don't have to pay the €50 Flemish Health Care Tax.
Otherwise there has been no particular change in how things work. I still have to pay for any medication - it is not free for pensioners here as it is in the UK.
I have found the people who deal with UK pensions (I think in Newcastle) very helpful when I have needed to contact them.
I'll be happy to help if you have any further questions.

Apr 11, 2016 10:18
Cirage 219

Thankyou both for your useful comments.
Becasse the Mutual accepted the paperwork from UK and to my knowledge returned signed to Newcastle, the individual I dealt with did his best, but my speaking French is not good at all which I am sure didn't help.
Kassiestamper, am I correct in understanding that when I go to the Doctor I still pay (25€) and receive the green form and return it to the mutual, will the mutual still return a portion of the cost to me. The EHIC form do I request it or did Newcastle forward it to you automaticly.

Sorry to be a pain but prefer to be prepared, just a couple of weeks. Thanks

Apr 12, 2016 21:44

Yes you will still pay the doctor and get a refund from your mutuelle exactly as you have always done. However mutuelles are gradually introducing a scheme for the less wealthy - which seems to include pensioners automatically - whereby you only pay the doctor or dentist the difference between the normal fee and what you would get refunded. The last couple of times that I've been to the doctor I've only paid €4.00. This seems to happen automatically with the mutuelle telling the doctor which of their patients qualify.
I cannot specifically remember how the EHIC card worked but it didn't happen until after I was drawing a UK pension. I don't think that I did anything and I do remember that I had cards from both Belgium and UK which were valid at the same time. My best guess is that I got a letter from the mutuelle and then a card from the UK which was valid well before my Belgian card expired.

Apr 13, 2016 08:40
Cirage 219

Thanks very much for your assistance Kassiestamper, I understand more now and feel happier. If I come across any more questions I may come back to you.

Apr 13, 2016 14:31