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UK boarding schools Exeats


I have a child(aged12) in a boarding school in South  of England.The obligatory Exeat weekends are  proving to be hugely complicated as we have no relatives in the uk.

Taking the child home to Belgium would be no problem - except for the Time strictures surrounding the collection of the child on the Friday and returning the child to the school on Sunday -  ie prohibited before 6.30pm ('unmoveable feast' status). We miss the last eurostar back that evening etc etc have to stay in hotel.

Basically we spend the whole weekend travelling back and forth on the eurostar, staying in hotels/missing work on Monday morning or driving around the clock every 3rd weekend - Plus we have to find someone to look after our - even when we take it in turns. child here.

The school itself is very good otherwise. Would anyone be in a similar position?


Could the child in question not go back to a friend's house every other weekend or something? i went to a boarding school (as a day pupil) for sixth form and regularly used to have some of my boarder friends back to my house for the weekend...

Oct 4, 2011 09:41