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Uccle seeks legal advice on plan to ban traffic in Bois de la Cambre

18:25 25/08/2020

Uccle city council is not at all happy about Brussels-City toying with the idea of making Bois de la Cambre permanently car-free. The urban park is fully in Brussels-City’s territory, but the consequences of shutting it down to traffic would directly affect neighbouring Uccle.

The avenues through the forested Bois de la Cambre were shut to traffic during the coronavirus lockdown to allow walkers and cyclists more space. The northern half is now back open to traffic, but the southern half, which surrounds the lake, is still car-free. On Sundays, the northern half, too, is closed to traffic.

The Brussels-City council is now considering scenarios for the future of mobility in the park. It is suggested that in future only Avenue de Diane on the northwest side of the park be made a two-way road open to cars. The rest would be car-free except for bus traffic.

Traffic chaos?

Uccle mayor Boris Dilliès (MR) told Bruzz that the municipality has retained a lawyer to see if there are any legal steps that can be taken against the plan. Because of the way the borders of the municipalities are laid out, Uccle would see almost all of the extra traffic as drivers seek alternative routes.

The mayor is concerned about the traffic chaos that could ensue when school starts next week. The European School is located close to the edge of the park. “It’s good for 4,000 pupils,” said Dilliès. “Also, there is enough green space. The Sonian Forest borders Bois de la Cambre has 5,000 hectares of green space.”

Dilliès isn’t arguing with the entire plan, but he thinks that the entire avenue on the west side of the park should be opened up and not just Diane. Brussels-City mayor Philippe Close (PS) has not responded to Dilliès’ concerns except to say that both the other municipalities that jut up against Bois de la Cambre – Ixelles and Watermael-Boitsfort – were fine with the idea.

Image: The red line indicates the borders of Brussels-City; Uccle is to the east and the south

Written by Lisa Bradshaw


Frank Lee

Ixelles and Watermael are OK with it because they are crisscrossed with tram and bus lines. The part of Uccle that borders the woods has a terrible public transportation network. They should start fixing that problem, THEN closing roads would cause less trouble.

Aug 27, 2020 17:59