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From type A card to B or D for permanent residency


I am working and living in Belgium for 5 years with an A card. Normally I should be able to apply for permanent card, but my local commune told me my A card is valid till end of 2022 (which is total 7 years at 2022), then I can apply for B card. I don;t understand why the card validity date should be a blocking point. if I fulfill all requirements. On the other hand, they said I can apply for D card which would take 5 months.

Is there any difference between B and D? Is it possible to apply for citizenship later with D card and do both B and D card holders have the right to move to any other European country to work?
Unfortunately the commune is not really helping to understand.
Thank you


You are right. Once you complete 5 years the commune should allow you to apply for a B card. Its weird that they say you can apply for a D card but not a B card. Once you complete 5 years you qualify for either of the cards.

D-card is in many ways better than a B-card. You can move to other EU countries and work there immediately as a PR as some countries recognize this card and give you an equivalent card from their own administration. B-card is only a Belgian recognised PR card. Plus with a D-card you can stay out of EU for upto 2 years whereas with B-card only 6 months out of EU is accepted.

Of course you can apply with a D-card for ctz. Except for A-card, all other cards are acceptable.

Feb 7, 2021 11:12

Also, with B you will be in foreigners register while with card D you will be in nationals register. Card D is helpful for 1000 brussels commune to avoid long waits/queues.

If you approach the commune and encounter other officer, he may accept your application for card B.

If not, it is a good idea to take some lawyer with you to commune.

If you have payslips, work contract, passport and insurances it would be a good idea to apply for D. Once you apply for card D, you will receive annex specifying a maximum processing time of 5 months. If they don't respond by 5 months commune issues card D (read from forums).

There are cases where Card B can take more than 5 months processing time and asked to wait for longer duration. Nothing can be done, other than waiting, in the case of card B processing time.

Feb 11, 2021 14:33

Some communes accept card B application by email. So, please check this method.

Feb 11, 2021 14:35