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Two-way bike lane coming to Avenue de Tervueren

19:06 26/06/2020

One of Brussels longest arterials, Avenue de Tervueren, is going to be fitted with a two-way cycle path. While the final lane will probably not make its debut until 2023, a test lane will be introduced this autumn.

Avenue de Tervueren runs for 10 kilometres from Cinquantenaire Park all the way to Tervuren Park in Flanders. It takes in Montgomery, Parc de Woluwe and the Quatre Bras interchange in-between. So a cycle path would be extremely useful, particularly for commuters.

Brussels former mobility minister, Pascal Smet (one.brussel), began working on the project more than a year ago, and worked out an agreement with Woluwe-Saint-Pierre. But part of the avenue lies in Etterbeek, and they could not be budged. The mayor was concerned about relinquishing too many parking spaces and about administrative inconsistencies.

Etterbeek on board

But Etterbeek has now been brought on board by current mobility minister Elke Van den Brandt (Groen), who announced that a two-way cycle lane will be laid on the southbound side (Brussels to Tervuren) of Avenue de Tervueren.

“Avenue de Tervueren cuts Etterbeek in two,” said mayor Vincent De Wolf (MR). “We would like to see the renewal project make it into a real city street, with plenty of green and crossings.”

While the final surfacing will probably not be complete for three years, a test lane will make an appearance in September. During the test period, authorities will explore different mobility options, such as safe crossings for cyclists and pedestrians and barriers to discourage short-distance drivers from using the thoroughfare. Residents along the path will also be asked for their input.

“The missing link for cyclists in Brussels will finally get a cycle lane,” said Van den Brandt. “This project is good for cyclists and good for the neighbourhoods. The liveability and traffic safety of the avenue is getting a real boost.”

Photo: Avenue de Tervueren at the Montgomery Roundabout
©Benoit Doppagne/BELGA

Written by Lisa Bradshaw


Frank Lee

If I'm not mistaken, a bike path already exists all the way to the Leopold II "square." All is left to do is to connect the Cinquantenaire/Merode with Leopold II (if it gets to keep that name).

Jun 27, 2020 11:32