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TV options in Wallonia?


I'm going to be moving from Brussels to Wallonia in the near future and am trying to see what my TV options are. I'm a Telenet customer here in Brussels, and I know I can't have them in Wallonia, but I'm looking for something similar - digital TV with digicorder & TV on demand, hi-speed wifi internet, fixed line telephone with decent call plan for Europe and possibly also GSM. I know about Belgacom TV, but I can't find out what my other options are. Is there a site or something that tells me which operators are available in which communes? I'll be in 1330 if that makes a difference...

Also, does anyone have any good/bad experience with Belgacom TV that they can share? I've been a Telenet customer for 7 years...


Belgacom's OK but Voo is the Telenet counterpart in Wallonia.

Oct 3, 2011 14:11