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turn my life around


Thank you those who replied before about my question of feeling so exhausted. I think you are right: it's depression. My med checks were very full and thyroid etc are not the problems.

So basically: unemployed, unattached, exhausted, gained weight, depressed. The year is ending and I want to turn my life around in the next year. Can you recommend perhaps a coach (someone not expensive) or a book or workshop? Or just advice generally? I need to change things.

Thank you.


Don't be put off by the title, it's a very good book and a proven therapy.

Dec 12, 2011 09:24


It is already a good step asking for help. In case you are interested, I offer free art therapy sessions (you just need to bring your own materials, or use the one that I have for very little money). Art therapy can really help you put things into perspective and get a new view on your life. It can really help in building your self-esteem which is directly linked to depression. If you need more information check out:

Best of luck,


Jun 15, 2014 19:18