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From anecdotes I have heard I am getting the impression that entering the US and passing through immigration has become a rather unpleasant experience with the TSA basically treating arrivals close to criminals and at times keeping people waiting for hours with the threat of refusing entry. Anybody travelled to the US recently and if so how was your experience. I am considerng a trip to NYC in the future, but might skip it if it is that rough.

TIA for all answers


In my experience it's OK if you are white, obviously middle class, and have an EU passport, but having travelled with friends who don't fit that description (Moroccans, Lebanese and Russians ) it didn't seem to be particularly bad for them either. Anecdotal evidence is often very suspect.

Jul 27, 2019 19:30

Probably not really worth it for NYC, but Aer Lingus do great service and flights via Dublin. Big advantage is clearing immigration in Dublin and arriving as if you are a domestic flight.

Jul 27, 2019 23:32

I am middle class, not born in the EU and not white and I didn’t have any problems going through twice in recent weeks.

Lines can be long because of new automatic machines they are using in immigration. Officers aren’t friendly/pleasant but they have never been so no real change there.

Jul 29, 2019 05:53

I'd day it depends on which officer you get and his/her mood. You might encounter no issues at Counter 10 and get a "Welcome to the United States" at the end of their process but officer at #11 might make your entry an irritating experience. It's just one of those unpredictable things.

Jul 29, 2019 10:05

Have you ever seen the way Belgian immigration at Zaventem treat non-Europeans? Not sure that you'd think so badly about the TSA.

I'm constantly amazed by the blatant and quite open racism.

Jul 30, 2019 11:39

What happens is that sometimes people arrive from countries with different levels of security screening. If you come from a country that isn't as strict you will be required to go through a "proper" screening. And yes, it is a pain in the ass and it is possible to miss a connecting flight if you haven't allowed enough time. You should have two hours between flights or you are cutting it short. As far as the TSA being racist, that's all bullshit. However if you are coming from Morocco or Turkey or North Africa etc etc, be prepared. It is about you passport, NOT your race. People believe the lies in Europe about the U.S. being a racist country...don't fall for it...there's wayyyyy more racism in Belgium than in the U.S. .

Jul 31, 2019 20:56