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Tribunal approves request for new psychiatric assessment of child killer Marc Dutroux

New psychiatric assessment for Dutroux
17:45 28/10/2019

The sentencing enforcement tribunal of Brussels ordered a new psychiatric assessment of notorious convicted paedophile Marc Dutroux on Monday, following a request from his lawyers, reports RTBF.

An appointed panel of three psychiatric experts has until May 11, 2020, to submit a final report on Dutroux’s mental health and risk of reoffending, ahead of his eventual conditional release.

Dutroux, who turns 63 in November, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2004 after being found guilty of a series of offences between 1995 and 1996, including the kidnapping and rape of six girls, four of whom died.

His lawyers’ application for the evaluation follows a special court hearing on 17 October at Nivelles prison, where Dutroux is incarcerated.

Along with the decision last month to release of Dutroux’s accomplice, Michel Lelièvre, the legal decision sparked a protest march in Brussels on 20 October, 23 years after the famous white march that followed his arrest in 1996.

The panel of experts has been given a mission that includes studying the case file and previous assessments, meeting Dutroux to investigate elements of his personality and how it is has evolved since he was detained, and evaluate the risk of him reoffending.

They will also give their opinion on the need to impose on him guidance or treatment that would limit the danger he could pose on society.

Photo: Black march protest in Brussels on 20 October © Belga/Nicolas Maeterlinck

Written by Sarah Crew


Frank Lee

I have my own idea on how to "limit the danger he could pose on society."

Oct 28, 2019 17:57

One can only hope that if this monster is released, someone will eventually give him the sentence he truly deserves.
But his equally guilty and horrid wife was released a couple of years ago. She even went on to study law and a former judge actually stepped in to support and mentor her.
Go figure.

Oct 30, 2019 12:20