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travelling back to Ireland without passport


I'm an ex-expat.
I'm in Belgium for work for a few days, my wallet with my passport was pickpocketed at Ghent train station (I made a police report).
I am due to travel back to Ireland early next week with Aerlingus from Zaventhem airport. My Mum contacted Aerlingus on my behalf and they said that as I travelled out with them, if I have the police report that my passport was stolen and a photocopy of the passport, I can travel.
Has anyone else had this experience? I'm worried that aerlingus are saying this but passport security in Belgium won't agree and I won't be able to fly, also, what happens in Dublin when  I'm supposed to  show them my passport on re-entry?
I really don't have the time (or the money since my wallet was stolen) to go to the Irish embassy in Brussels but I need to fly home. Advice would be greatly appreciated!


As Ireland is not in Schengen, you also need to pass Belgain Federal Police exit control at Zaventem. If you are accepted at check-in by Aer Lingus, the exit control comes next, the only they can tell you if they will accept you through this control is to contact the Police at Zaventem directly for their policy. 

Sep 27, 2011 19:02