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Traveling within Belgium


Does anybody know whether I could run into trouble if I take a weekend trip by train within Belgium during the lockdown?


You may not run into trouble, but you would be incredibly irresponsible to do it.

The single most effective way to stop the spread of the virus is to stay away from other people. If you travel, you'll be exposing yourself by touching surfaces, etc. You may be well right now, but what if you pick up the virus by accident from a door handle, or some other surface that has been touched or infected by someone carrying the infection.

Sorry to be a boring downer, but do not take this time to take a weekend trip for fun, you'll be putting yourself and others in danger.

Mar 19, 2020 09:26

You can't do anything when you get there and there's nowhere to stay. What's the point?

Mar 19, 2020 13:25

You should stay in your normal home. People going to even their own second property, be it a cottage, flat or caravan, are being perceived as potential spreaders of the disease. If it looks as if it is going to be a significant problem you can expect it to be banned (as it effectively already is in France).

Mar 19, 2020 13:39

Do you think police will stop if we just drove around, some weekend drive? We will not get off but just drive around?

Mar 19, 2020 18:51

Further to my previous post, those heading towards second homes, etc., along the Belgian coast are now being turned back by the police.

Mar 19, 2020 20:46

Trip for the weekend while the healthcare people are putting their life at stake to protect the people against the virus.
Forget policing - behave as a human being and it is the responsibility of every individual to break the transmission of virus..
So stay where you are

Mar 22, 2020 00:36

You cannot take a weekend trip by train.
You cannot drive your car around, it has to be for a permittied purpose work/shop/garderie or creche/medical help.

Please check the official CV19 website.

Please listen to the press conferences of the federal government.

Mar 22, 2020 10:22