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Travel while renewing residence


Hi all,

I am currently renewing my residence as a student in Belgium, and my current ID Card(Titre de Sejour) expired Oct 31. I have to travel to UK on the 15th, but it's very unlikely that I will have an answer from Immigration Office by then, or maybe I will but not in time to get my new ID Card. From the commune they adviced me not to travel, as I may not be allowed to re-enter Belgium. Has anybody had any experience like this that can share? I don't require a visa for Schengen Area, and I have another travel in December so I could enter as Tourist, collect my new ID and leave again 2 weeks later.
Thank you for any info.


You will be recorded as leaving the Schengen zone which may trigger the cancellation of your application to renew your titre de sejour. If your commune has advised against leaving Belgium (or the Schengen zone) it might be wise to heed that advice.

Nov 9, 2018 13:03
Paul C

I was in the same situation last year, and was able to re-enter Schengen without a current Belgian residence card, on the basis of my national passport allowing me three months in the Schengen zone (and, I suspect, on the basis of the French border guards at the Eurostar terminal in London not paying much attention).

But, if your national passport doesn't allow you to enter Schengen/Belgium without a visa then I suspect it is not worth the risk.

Nov 9, 2018 14:29