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Travel to Tunisia


One thing I remember very well from my trip to Tunisia, do NOT take photographs or videos of Tunisians! Even indirectly, for example taking a photograph of a monument, ensure you are obviously pointing the camera at the monument, and that the locals wont appear on it.
The men will harass you and ask for payment as they 'allowed' you to photograph their face, and the women will follow you until you delete the photo/video. They really dont take kindly to it!
I cant help you RE the political situation or the weather, however I can advise you visit Sidi-bou-Said which is absolutly beautiful, I found Tunis a bit disappointing to be honest - quite dirty, poluted, very busy... standard capital city, not much to see other than experience the markets.
Port el Kantaoui is also very nice!
Tunisians, generally, I found to be lovely - very welcoming and so enthusiastic about being helpful! Happy Holidays!

Jan 26, 2012 23:25