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Travel Insurance for Skiing Holiday in Italy



Can anyone recommend a good travel insurance company that I can get insured for a skiing holiday? I work near the parliament, so an agency close by would be ideal

has several (good value) travel insurance options (single / family / EU or global) and a good after sales service (made excellent experience when our car broke years ago).

Dec 16, 2016 18:12
Eric Ash

The market leader in travel insurance is :
This is clearly the best product.

Take a year policy, it is cheaper than taking a policy for winter sport and another one for a summer holiday.

Also not bad is : ETHIAS

You can do it on Internet, so do not have to go to any insurance broker.

Dec 18, 2016 18:35

Thanks, what is the difference between travel assistance and travel insurance?

Dec 19, 2016 13:36

don't know - isn't explained on the respective website of the insurance company? Anyway, as Eric suggested, we have also the annual travel insurance as much cheaper.
For a skiing holiday i would only buy an insurance comprising also
* paying / organizing the return (flight, ambulance car) in case of an accident for the accidental person + all travel companions (family members)
* return of the car involved in case of personal accident, if you cannot drive back your car (if going by car)
* short-hand cancellation (illness / death of yourself or close family member) or jobloss (we had that a couple of years for an expensive family holidays in Asia)

the loss of equipment etc. I found always minor important than the above factors.
Happy skiing, xl

Dec 19, 2016 16:57