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Travel documents for new born


We are expats living in Belgium but not having Belgian nationality.
Weļl be having a baby soon and we were wondering how soon we could fly to our countries with the newborn.
I suppose we need to get a passport and that the Belgian authorities will not release a travel document for the child.
We wanted to ask you if you had a similar experience and if you could share it with us.
What is your experience of getting a passport for a newborn baby from your country?
How fast did you get it?
Where did you get the photo for the passport? Was it in a studio or in
a photo booth? How do you think, is it possible to use the booth if
the baby is 1 - 2 months old?
Thank you,


The child will take the nationality of the father unless the father's own country doesn't permit that, in which case it will take the nationality of the mother again unless the mother's country doesn't permit it, only in the event of neither parent's countries permitting the child to acquire the parent's nationality will the child be Belgian, so you will have to acquire a passport from the father's (or failing that, the mother's) country. How long that takes will depend largely on the country concerned.

Since the rules on passport photos have become so strict, I rather assume that it would be better to get photos from an experienced studio rather than from a booth.

Mar 24, 2016 17:09

You need a passport -this normally takes a min of 1-3 weeks depending on the nationality.
You also need to go the commune to get kids ID card ( normally they issue KIDS Id on wednesday) & travel document ( valid for 2 years).

Mar 24, 2016 20:01

Thank you all, since we have both EU nationalities it seems that the child will get the nationality of both parents.
I was not aware that they could release travel documents so we are looking forward to that.

Mar 24, 2016 20:13

Your child will not be Belgian, if you aren't, unless you've been permanently living in Belgium for a certain number of years. If the baby does get Belgian nationality on those grounds, then KidsID, otherwise no KidsID - that is the name of the national identity card for a Belgian child under the age of 12.

You can put a baby on the floor either in a photo shop or do the photo at home yourself and upload it and it gets posted to you using one of those special websites, or take the photo to a photo shop on a USB stick.I'd probably opt for someone to take the photo, unless you're really good at photography.

Mar 24, 2016 20:33

The Belgian state will only issue a birth certificate for the baby, if you are both foreigners. For the travel papers you should ask your embassy.
You may possibly get help here if you mention your nationality and someone has the specific experience.

Mar 26, 2016 00:21

Thanks, I'm Italian and she is Latvian

Mar 26, 2016 09:57

Basically it is a two stage process, firstly Italy has to recognise and register your new-born as one of its citizens, then you can start the process to get travel documentation. It is possible at this stage to get an emergency travel document from the consulate in Belgium which will, if necessary, be quicker than getting the passport but it is only valid short-term.
Your partner will doubtless know if the child is also eligible for Latvian citizenship and, if so, any of these processes might be accomplished more quickly by Latvia than by Italy.
Of course, as an EU citizen the child does actually have the right to freedom of movement throughout the EU, and, if you are travelling by road (or rail but not air) carrying an official copy of the child's birth certificate plus your passports should actually be sufficient.

Mar 26, 2016 10:34

For travel within within schengen - the kids id from the commune should work

Nov 21, 2016 16:58

For travel within schengen - the kids id from the commune should work

Nov 21, 2016 16:59

i am a Belgian national i got the nationality but my husband is from Pakistan and he lives there he is not Belgian and our marriage is not known in Belgium yet it's under process my baby will be born in January in belgium how long will it take for my baby to get his belgian passport soon as plz possible is there any hardle if the father doesn't have the nationality plz reply me soon as u can thanks

Nov 6, 2019 00:18