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Travel back in time at Cinematek in March

08:47 04/03/2020

As part of this year's Offscreen Festival, Brussels' Cinematek is showing a range of weird and wonderful films about time travel in March.

Time travel, a popular theme in science fiction and fantasy novels, took longer to catch on in the cinema than on the printed page and TV. With the exception of some early outliers, it wasn't until the 1980s, with the massive success of The Terminator and Back to the Future, that Hollywood studios recognised the dramatic potential of time travel on the big screen.

You can also read more about Cinematek's work here.

Idiocracy - Mike Judge, USA 2006
12 March, 21.15
Mike Judge’s instant cult classic follows the misadventures of a man frozen cryogenically for 500 years who wakes up in a world where all IQs have plummeted, making him the most intelligent person on Earth.

Trancers - Charles Band, USA 1984
13 March, 19.00
A guilty pleasure located somewhere between Blade Runner and Dawn of the Dead, it’s the story of a cop from the future who goes back in time to 1980s Los Angeles pursuing an evil thug who turns his victims into semi-zombies.

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie - Ronald Neame, 1969
13 March
In 1930s Edinburgh a young teacher with modern ideas clashes with the established order at a school for girls from prosperous families. Maggie Smith won the Academy Award for Best Actress for this role.

Tomorrow I’ll Wake Up and Scald Myself with Tea - Jindrich Polák, Czechoslovakia 1977 (CZ with EN subtitles)
14 March, 17.00
A Czech comedy in which time travel is accessible to everyone. A group of neo-Nazis decide to go back in time to give Hitler a nuclear bomb but they have to contend with a pair of perfect twins and temporal paradoxes.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure - Stephen Herek, USA 1989
14 March, 19.00
Two high school metal heads (Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter) use a time machine to pass their history exam. Complete with air guitar, future selves and the inimitable George Carlin.

Idaho Transfer - Peter Fonda, 1973
20 March
Starring Keith Carradine, this relaxed but spot on science fiction fable involves young men and women being sent into the future to rebuild civilisation in a time machine that requires the women undress.

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