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Transposition de la directive 2011/98/CE du 13/12/2011


Can someone please explain what will happen or change in immigration after 3/1/2019. Which kind of people can stay in belgium for work purpose according to this new directive.???


Thanks J. But still i didnt get it. Can you explain it.
(( In my thinking if third country national(with eu recidence card) living in brussels but dont have belgium id and he/she find a job so he can stay in belgium legaly through this new change)) is it ???

Dec 30, 2018 01:07

Doesn't apply to me, so no need to clutter my head with it. If you can't make sense of it and need to, pay a lawyer.

Dec 31, 2018 21:23

Am not going to pay when itsl dosent apply to me. Hahahahah. J
bonne année

Dec 31, 2018 22:00