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Transport card Zaventem - Bruxelles


Dear all,

I have a question mainly addressed to those who live in Zaventem area but commute to Bruxelles every day.

Could you please tell me what kind of transport card do you use and how much it costs?

Is there a combination between a STIB card and a De LIJN one?

Thanks for sharing your experience on this.


Yes there is - and you can even get one that covers the train network out there as well- but I've forgotten the name of it.  If you work for a big multinational out in Zaventem, ask your HR contact and they should be familiar with it (and might even have a deal to pay it upfront for you).  If they can't help you, let me know again and I'll see if I've got the paperwork.

Oct 6, 2011 22:23