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Transferring a very large sum to the UK?


Finally got my transfer out of here.

Bought Pounds at a very good rate some time back and am now about to transfer them to the UK. I'm being given horror stories by friends who insist that the Belgian State is likely to want to look at these funds very closely before allowing them to leave the Country, tax evasion understandably being the national sport after cycling.

I'm wondering if anybody here has experience of transferring very large amounts out of the Country?


When I am remembering correct,the Belgian fiscal sniffing action would have nothing to do with Belgium itself - it is an EU law since 2006 / or 2007 to bring down also money laundering.
You can transfer without any problems up to 12,500 EUR max per bank transfer (or equivalent in GBP). We did that some years ago, when buying property in BXL, made various single transfers and had no problems, neither with my home country nor with Belgium.
Kept transfer slips and anyway bank statements. End of story.

What I heard is you would have certainly problems to bring it in cash - there is also a limit, but don't know the amount. And remember, also this an EU wide regulation.

Just make an internet research with 'EU bank transfers limits' and you will receive most recent info.

Dec 14, 2011 08:45