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UK based trailers up to 3500kg carry car registration.
Trailers in Belgium >750kg have there own registration.
So if i tow a;
UK trailer behind a UK car = OK
BE car with BE trailer (>750kg) = OK
BE trailer with a UK car - OK as both are individually registered.
UK trailer (>750kg) with a BE register car - what plate would i display on the trailer??.


You can't legally do it. BE trailers > 750 kg are, in effect, registered with the car and with an annual joint CT. I suspect that this wouldn't be lawful even outside Belgium because it would breach the insurance conditions on the BE-registered car.

I suspect that a BE trailer > 750 kg being towed by a UK car isn't legal in Belgium either.

Mar 27, 2017 21:26

I had a friend lived here had flat in London regularly shipped goods back and forth via their trailer via euro tunnel. They had car and trailer registered here so as usual car and trailer plate the same. The trailer was bought here but I don't think they are subject to annual road worthless inspection as I understood it. So I would imagine even if trailer bought else where stick a Belgian plate on it if using it with Belgian car, unlikely to be asked to show its Belgian i think

Apr 4, 2017 12:09