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Tourists staying longer in Brussels

12:25 25/08/2015

In July and August this year, the hotels in and around Brussels saw their sales increase by 5% compared to the same period last year. They also noted that tourists are booking more lengthy stays in the capital. "This gives the industry some breathing room after a few rough years," Rodolphe Van Weyerbergh of the Brussels Hotels Association (BHA) told

The results come from a survey by BHA and VisitBrussels, the regional tourism agency. While this summer's occupancy rate of 73% is about the same as last year, it is the more proportionate distribution of overnight stays between the week and weekend which suggests that the average tourist stay is extended, according to BHA. 

"The increase in revenue is due to the more favourable economic climate and Brussels' growing attraction as a tourist destination," says Van Weyerbergh, after pointing out that the sector is extra sensitive to economic fluctuations.

Van Weyerbergh hopes that the drafting of the tax shift and other measures taken by the current government will help to reduce the cost of staff, without affecting employee pay.


Written by Robyn Boyle