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The top 5 cars that know how to strut their stuff

12:01 25/02/2014

They’ve got it and they’re not afraid to flaunt it: that’s the best way to sum up these extravagant automobiles. With these cars, there’s no talk of finesse, equal proportions, or moderation; the goal is simply to lay it all out on the table! And these 5 lovely diamonds do just that; in a way that is as much eye-opening as ear-popping!

Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster

At a price of €1,3 million (before taxes), the Pagani is a showstopper. The jewel comes doused in war paint, equipped with an oversized spoiler, carbon fibre galore and a Mercedes-AMG V12 with 678-horse power. Finally, the sounds coming out of this Roadster match its look: truly Dante-esque.

Spyker C12 Zagato

A Dutch body, German engine and Italian design; the Spyker is a magnificent mix with breath-taking results. A car with, according to its manufacturer, strong Formule 1 influences, the Spyker has something to offer to everyone. Also its performance is just as diabolic as it looks: a 6-litre W12 engine with 500-horse power lies underneath that big beautiful behind.

AC Cobra 427

Probably the most copied car in the world, and for a good reason: with its gaping mouth, lateral exhaust system and swelled fenders, the AC Cobra is a ravenous monster! It’s difficult to imagine then that underneath this manly apparatus, lays a slender 2-litre engine typical of a English roadster.

Lamborghini Countach

Stemming from a very clean design, the Lamborghini Countach has propelled itself forward into the twenty-first century. Its simple silhouette has been decked out with extensions, spoilers and the like to transform it into a more beastly machine. As for its engine, the V12 demonstrates its undying quest for power and more cylinders. A road toy of choice for the wolves of Wall Street.

TVR Sagaris

An axe-carved hood, two major transversal pipes for exhaust, highly-perched spoiler and jolted rooftop: these stylish features and many more characterise the Sagaris, TVR’s swan’s song. It’s 6-cylinders may give it a glasshouse appearance, but its harsh voice leaves no room for doubt of its brute force.

Written by Francois Piette