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Toddler bed?


I want to buy a nice toddler bed for my son. I don't know where to buy it from though? I'm not a big fan of buying it online unless I have seen the product. So any stores in and around Brussels that you could recommend?
We also need other toddler stuff like a nice buggy, high chair etc.
Thank you!


Baby 2000
Zaventem -


Ikea (High chair / Toddler bed)

If you want to find other options for toddler bed
There are plenty of furniture shops in Chaussee de alsemberg- You may try them.

There is BCT sale in September, (second hand stuff or nearly new) worth trying this as well

Jul 3, 2014 15:58

I bought a stroller, a bed and a hug a bub baby carrier online from a one stop baby destination where we can buy all baby stuff at one common store.

Dec 29, 2014 12:16