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Titre de Sejour type a



I am an Indian national. I moved to Brussels on a Schengen D visa for work last year in June 2016. The Schengen D visa was valid till 1st May 2017
I got a Titre de Sejour type A from my town hall which was valid till 1st May 2017.
I recently got my work permit type B renewed and my Titre de Sejour type A as well till May 2018. The Schengen D visa has expired.
I need to travel outside of the EU for work. The question is can I return to Belgium on the basis of a valid Titre de Sejour without getting a new Schengen D Visa? In other words, does a Titre de Sejour type A grant me entry rights into Belgium?

Thanks in advance


Why don't you.ask your embassy for advice better to do that than trust the words of strangers who may give you incorrect advice

Jun 5, 2017 07:53

Your commune should be able to give you definitive advice.

Jun 5, 2017 10:15

The answer is Yes. All types of biometric card plastic cards A, B, F etc allow you to leave and return to Belgium or other EU countries until the expiry date. When you travel outside Belgium you have to keep with you all the time your national passport and your Titre de Sejour.

I have also A card and I left Belgium lots of time and I come back. I was asked in the border control to show my passport and card

Jun 5, 2017 11:30

Yes you can.

The D visa is originally issued for your first visit and for the initial registration period. Once you get your card A, it replaces the visa and is needed along with your passport for all travel into and within the EU.

Jun 5, 2017 14:26

Indeed. What is mentioned by EDI and CRISSCROSS is completely right.

D type visa is issued for initial entry. Once you get your residence permit (titre de sejour), that is your visa from that time on.

Enjoy your travel !

Jun 6, 2017 09:22