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Tips for passing the practical driving test in Belgium


I have my practical driving test next month. Can anyone share their experience? I am taking it with a translator, definitely nervous about it. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks


Most important : Practice, practice, practice.

Second most important : Remain confident and calm. The moment you start getting stressed is the moment you'll start making errors, particularly in the manoeuvres section where there is less scope for errors.

Most people are fine actually driving in straight lines or going round a gentle corner. They start making errors when they need to park, go in reverse, or do an unusual manoeuvre .

Jul 7, 2020 23:42

As ANON suggests practice. Take a qualified driver with you. Use an empty car parking spaces (ALDI and others) and practice driving forwards and reversing in between the white lines during daylight and nighttime hours (all weather conditions). If you have some old plastic objects place them in the empty parking place and try driving in a figure of eight - first forwards and then in reverse without your car knocking the plastic objects. Start off doing your reverse manoeuvres slowly. Good luck!

Jul 8, 2020 16:06