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Ticket validity


I have a question regarding how long STIB tickets are valid. I know that in general the tickets are valid 1 hour from when you scan them and sometimes I can travel back on the same ticket as long as my journey is within 1 hour from when I scanned the ticket. My question is, from when this scan is valid. Eg. sometimes I go on a route that goes something like this

Start at point A @ 1600 and scan my ticket
Then at point B @ 16:30, I change buses and scan my ticket again

Now when going back, lets say it is 17:20.

My question. Is this ticket still valid as I scanned it @ point B @ 16:30, or do I need to get a new ticket a the ticket was originally scanned @ 1600 and it is now 1 hour and 20 minutes overdue

TIA for all answers


You need to get a new one as the ticket was originally scanned @ 1600

Dec 5, 2019 23:36

If it's not valid anymore, the ticket machine will tell you.

Dec 6, 2019 09:09

If you first scan the ticket at 16.00, you can interchange and rescan it as many times as you wish until 16.59 always getting the green light, you can then complete that last journey (including changing lines WITHIN the Metro system) on the same ticket (and it will also allow you through any exit gates on the Metro). If you rescan it from 17.00 onwards, you will get a red light and will have to scan a new ticket.

Dec 6, 2019 10:39