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Thomas Cook to introduce “priority pass” at Brussels Airport

11:35 29/07/2014

Travel company Thomas Cook plans to introduce a new “fast track” check-in procedure this winter, promising them a wait half as long as other passengers.

Business class passengers typically get priority at check-in and boarding, but Thomas Cook intends to offer those advantages to its tour passengers as well. Passengers will get a priority pass for security checks, which is one of the biggest bottlenecks at the airport, as well as one of the most stressful moments, according to Thomas Cook spokesperson Baptiste Van Outryve.

“Taking off your belt, perhaps your shoes, taking out your laptop, checking if you have liquids in your possession – it’s all very annoying for a lot of people. That’s why we’re offering this extra service."

The new service applies only to travellers booked with the Thomas Cook agency, not for passengers of partner service Neckermann or Thomas Cook Airlines alone. It does apply to passengers who book a flight with Thomas Cook but fly on Brussels Airlines. The service will not cost extra.

Rival tour operator Jetair said it would not be following Thomas Cook’s example. “We will be reserving this advantage for VIP Selection passengers,” the airline said. Brussels Airport spokesperson Florence Muls said they were not expecting opposition to the new fast track system.

And if the service becomes so popular that priority lines are as long as normal lines, the airport is ready. “We guarantee that anyone who pays for the fast track has to wait half as long as the others. If it happens that there are a lot of passengers, we’ll simply open another security checkpoint,” said Muls.

photo by Jérôme/Wikimedia

Written by Alan Hope