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These are Brussels' 10 most expensive streets to buy a home

21:53 09/05/2023

The most expensive street on which to buy a house or apartment in the Brussels region can be found, perhaps unsurprisingly, in leafy Uccle according to the latest data from property listings giant Immoweb.

Avenue des Châlets, in the Prince d'Orange neighbourhood of Uccle, leads the pack with an estimated average purchase price of €5,662 per square metre, the Immoweb study has revealed.

On average, accommodation in the Brussels region is more expensive by 700€/m² than the next highest-priced Belgian province in the ranking, Flemish Brabant.

Immoweb publishes this ranking municipality by municipality. Ixelles, and notably the neighbourhood around the Ixelles ponds, Flagey and the Abbaye de la Cambre, occupy four positions in the regional top 10.

The most expensive streets in the Brussels region, according to Immoweb, are as follows:

  • Avenue des Châlets, Uccle (€5,662/m²)
  • Rue du Buisson, Brussels-City (€5,600/m²)
  • Rue du Buisson, Ixelles (€5,557/m²)
  • Drève du Corporal, Uccle (€5,529/m²)
  • Drève de Lorraine, Uccle (€5,514/m²)
  • Rue de Belle-Vue, Ixelles – (€5,510/m²)
  • Rue de la Vallée, Brussels-City (€5,503/m²)
  • Avenue des Klauwerts, Ixelles – (€5,406/m²)
  • Rue Louis Hymans, Ixelles – (€5,395/m²)
  • Avenue Blücher, Uccle - (€5,291/m²)

Sharp-eyed readers will note the street of Rue du Buisson appears twice in the ranking, straddling as it does both Ixelles and Brussels-City.

Written by Paul Millar