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therapist in brussels/tervuren area


Looking for an english-speaking psychologist/therapist using cognitive behavioural therapy as a basis for treating anxiety, depression.  Any advice and experience is much appreciated.

Apologies for posting what may be a common question -- site's Q&A database not searchable at the moment.




Anxiety and depression can be caused by any number of factors. if you haven't already done so, ask your GP to do a full blood test to make sure there are no underlying physical causes.

Sep 8, 2011 17:06


It is already a good step asking for help. In case you are interested, I offer free art therapy sessions (you just need to bring your own materials, or use the one that I have for very little money). Art therapy can really help you put things into perspective and get a new view on your life. It can really help in building your self-esteem which is directly linked to depression. If you need more information check out:

Best of luck,


Jun 15, 2014 19:15