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Tennis in Tervuren area


Hi, looking for a tennis club in the Tervuren (or close) area. Any ideas?


Hi not a club that I known for there, but there is availability to play at the hotel panorama in Overijse. I can't vouche for the facilities or courts. I know there is a place on the chaise de Waterloo up by rhode Waterloo direction. Never been just seen it as I pass by but a long way from tervuren maybe.

Jun 27, 2015 11:43


I've just moved to Tervuren and am also looking for somewhere to play tennis. The only tennis courts I've seen are on the road out to Duisburg. I think its an army sports facility but I've been led to believe that you can play there. If you fancy a game it might be worth trying. My email is if you would like to get in touch. Jason

Jul 23, 2015 00:41