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temporary permit to permanent permit--how long?



US citizen here with a european wife and back in june I obtained the temporary "attestation d'immatriculation" or resident permit, as I call it.  Back then they told us that once it expires, to come the next day to get the "permanent" one.

Question is, how long does it take to get the permanent "permit" from the day that you show up at the commune?

For example, my temporary one expires  Oct 31st. If i go on Nov 1, when would I expect to receive the permanent permit?  is it given out in the same day or do you have to wait days/weeks/months to get it?  



me EU, partner non EU and legal cohabitant (which is more or less considered as married) went through the same procedure which started 4 years ago.

Partner got a 3 month temporary card, then another year temporary permit, then another year and only last year partner got the 5 years permanent card.

What we learnt is not to wait until the permit is expired but start the process a week earlier or so; everyone at the commune happily take their time to do anything. Plus police needs to check you live at your address and that takes time; plus CPAS needs to confirm that they do not give you any dole money etc etc.

the whole process might take a month or so depending how quick these organizations work even if they are based only few hundreds metres from each other and everything is in computers.

start the process a bit earlier if you can, depending how badly you need it (we needed for working purposes and it was a nightmare to move people in august)

Sep 22, 2011 11:15