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I need to get the technical control done on my car.
The side indicator is on the mirror and one of these is damaged.
The mirror works, but not the indicator.
Will it fail the CT?


Has your car got working indicators visible from front and back? In other words is the non-working indicator an extra bonus? If so, you are unlikely to fail on that alone though it will be mentioned if the car fails for other reasons.
How is the indicator damaged? If just the bulb, then replace it - the user's manual should tell you how.
Otherwise it is a case of economics. Get it repaired at a garage and it will pass. Hope for the best and, if it fails, you still have to get it repaired at a garage and pay €12 for a retest. I know which I would do!!
BTW a retest only checks the items for which the car has been failed so you don't have to go through the full test rigmarole again.
Good luck.

Aug 8, 2016 14:18

Yes the front and back indicators work.

I don't think the bulb can be replaced without replacing the mirror. Will get that done first

Aug 8, 2016 15:45

I strongly suggest you first get the indicator fixed & then go to the technical control.

Aug 8, 2016 18:13