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Taxi driver 'stole €4,500' from passenger in bank card scam

22:11 18/06/2019

A Brussels taxi driver is alleged to have stolen €4,500 from a passenger, in a bank card scam already known to police.

Police in the capital are aware of about 10 similar cases in recent years - mostly involving passengers who were drunk or under the influence of drugs.

The latest victim, 26-year-old Dylan, told RTL how he hailed a taxi outside the bar where he had spent the evening. At the end of the trip, he paid by card.

He was handed the payment terminal and entered his PIN - but the amount of the fare had not yet been entered. His four-digit PIN was visible to the driver on the screen as, for example, €12.34.

The driver then handed back a fake card belonging to the same bank - and pocketed the real card, having noted down the PIN.

The following day, Dylan's bank contacted him after spotting suspicious activity on his account - including an attempt to transfer all of his savings to his current account.

The fraudsters had made several large withdrawals at cash machines. The card had also been used to pay for shopping in several stores.

RTL reports that the victim faces a long procedure to have his money refunded and must prove which of the transactions on the account were fraudulent.

Written by The Bulletin



All the more reason to use Uber, where every trip is traced.

Jun 19, 2019 19:16