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tax return form/ special tax regime


I have been working in Belgium a bit more than a year and I would like to fill out my tax return form. It will be my first time and as my job contract clearly states the term "special tax regime" I would like to ask you when is the deadline to submit my tax form. I know that the paper version has to be sent by 30/06 but speaking with some other people I understood that for expats under the special tax regime the deadlines are different and an e-version can be sent much later. Can you share any insight and your knowledge on this topic? Also, do you know any good accountant that can guide me through the process?
Thank you


There is an excellent description of the regime at

Normally your employer is very much involved in this process as they benefit too and they have to qualify for you to get it and as you will see in the above explanation, they have to apply with you.

When I was under the scheme, my employer paid KPMG to handle all my tax returns. They have a very good department specialised in this. Everything was done on line with a questionnaire.
One of the big advantages is tax reduction on days worked outside Belgium. Complex calculation for qualifying days. Useful tip, I used my phone records as proof of when I was outside Belgium.

Jun 12, 2020 00:11