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Tax question


Sorry, but my question about tax on rental income from furnished property disappeared. I understand that by letting to a private individual for non-commercial use I have to pay the RC + 40% and declare it by code 1106 on the tax form, however, having looked extensively on minfin.fgov and I can find no reference to any additional taxation for letting furnished rather than unfurnished. Could someone please provide me with some kind of source that furnished rental property is in fact taxed higher? And if so, how it is applied and how to calculate the basis for this taxation? Thanks again.

From the archives

You really should get professional advice on this. If you get it wrong and underpay tax you cannot use xpat answers as an excuse.
Your local tax office will help as will a notaris/notaire and, possibly, your bank manager.
Are you going to use an agent in connection with the letting or an accounant? If so, they will know as well.

Aug 23, 2011 13:21