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Tax increase even for non citizens who are not residents


Are there others who are non-citizens and non-residents in Belgien who last year were asked to declare incomes from 2020? We, my Italian wife and myself, Swedish citizen, living permanently for 12 years in Thailand have now been asked to pay additional tax on my pension, due to the fact that we are receiving pensions from other countries and therefore according to OECD rules, pay from my minimum Belgian pension as per the tariff for the higher amount of all pensions taken together. If this tax method is used by the two other countries as well we will end up paying total taxes in the three countries that correspond to an amount we would pay as residents in any of the countries, but living permanently in Thailand we have no benefits at all from those taxes we pay in the three countries. And we may in the future be asked to pay taxes in Thailand, which we yet do not do as being on a retirement visa both of us. We can have our hospital care in Belgium, for which Belgium also may like to ask us to ´pay more for as I already am paying from my Belgian pension about 700 Euro yearly for that and not until recently benefitting from by travelling for treatment in Brussels.


Hi Bojon, its not clear from your question, where are you being asked to " declare incomes from 2020?" Belgium, Italy, Sweden or Thailand? Also, what does your healthcare have to do with taxes? Healthcare is paid for by your social security contributions, not taxes.

Aug 5, 2022 15:05

In Belgium, why would I otherwise complain in Belgium. The point I make is that if Sweden and Italy would do the same it would be as if we were residents in all three countries, while we in fact are residents in Thailand. Is that according to common sense, even? On my pension an increase of social security contributions could be justified if I could get health care in Thailand also not only within Belgium. The taxincrease was taken in 2019 and in 2021 we were asked to declare incomes, which we also do in Italy, but executed in 2022 when price increases already cuts deep into the households' economy a tax increase is a wrong policy.

Aug 5, 2022 17:29

OK well I still don't really understand. Have you contacted the tax office in Belgium to enquire? Generally I have found them to be extremely helpful whenever I have contacted them.

On the other point "if Sweden and Italy would do the same", that's a hypothetical I can't answer I'm afraid.

I suspect that you probably want to speak with a tax accountant as your situation is far from clear.

Aug 6, 2022 11:07

I must inform that the Conciliation agency at the considered my claim that Belgium had no right to include the incomes om the household from Sweden and Italy. The agency sent me a letter that it had reduced the tax to be based only on the pension from Belgium.

Aug 7, 2022 06:28