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Tax on Foreign Income


Hello I am a US citizen, have been living in Germany for a few years, working as a freelance musician making about 10,000 a year after expenses. I am about to get married to a Belgian and will reside in Belgium. I own a house back home that I make money on by renting. Also sometimes like to go back home and pick up work in a bar for a few months to save money and work on my house. Will I be taxed in Belgium for the income I make from renting my house? I make a few 100 a month. And will I be taxed on the bar work? I make 2-3000 a month. Please help! Thanks!!!


Ask SPF finances when you declare these incomes because legally you must declare them. Overseas income is often exonerated, it depends on countries double taxation treaties and circumstances.

Dec 23, 2017 09:13

If you become resident in Belgium then you are liable for taxes on your worldwide income. I don't think I paid any tax on the rental income of my UK home, but you have to report it. (not 100 percent sure, I never did study the breakdown of the bill).

I do hope your wife to be understands the consequences of marrying a US citizen though, of which there are a great many and mostly negative right up to the US tax treatment of inheritances by an "alien spouse".

Dec 23, 2017 09:31

I can't offer you advice on your specific situation, however as a US citizen, you'll have a number of obligations to the US as well as Belgium. You would be well advised to get professional advice on your tax situation. Even if it's an hour or two with a tax accountant so you get yourself in order before you leave it too late. Setting yourself up is relatively easy, but you need to do it correctly otherwise you may find you have serious problems down the road. It is BY FAR best to get this sorted out BEFORE you become resident in Belgium, and even before you get married as it will also impact your spouse.

Dec 23, 2017 10:53

Being a citizen of Belgium, you have to paid tax because you are getting benefits from this country sources and work in a bar. I suggest you to contact with custom department and essaytigers reviews service to get know more about it. Thank you!

Jan 2, 2018 15:08

Every Citizen has to pay his tex to the government because all the money of the taxes is expended on the benefits of the citizens.
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