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Tax declaration for the year on sick leave


Hi, everyone!

I need an advise.
The situation is the following: entire last year I have been on sick-leave, 2 month at home and 10 month on medical part-time increasing my working hours from 20 up to 80%. So I had partly my salary and partly receiving indemnities from mutualite. I was aware that I might have to pay additional taxes afterwards upon submitting my tax declaration. So I just submitted my tax declaration and when I ran a simulation my hair stood in the air - it showed me the amount of several thousands of euros...
I know it is just a simulation but for all previous 8 years in Belgium the final amount indicated in the simulation was always the same as received on official communication afterwards. So, I assume that the amount will not decrease.
So, I have two questions for those having similar experiences:

1. Is it normal that you have to pay such a huge amounts back? So actually, you are being financially punished for being sick?

2. Can I get somewhere a professional advise on how all this is being calculated (I know there are calculations provided but for a person with no in-depth financial knowledge all that looks like abrakadabra). I have been wondering for years to get that clear but never did it as there was no incentive.

thanks a lot in advance fro any constructive answers,


If you are with a large company, try asking your HR department. They should know a lot. Next step is to make a call to your Mutuel and ask their advice. Both of these will be free.
Next step is to contact one of those strange companies called Accountants whose job it is to know everything about tax. They charge after an initial visit but if you are going to have to pay thousands, it will be a small investment. Any small local accountant should be able to handle this easily.

May 13, 2020 00:13

1) You still have plenty of time before you need to file your declaration, so don't rush to file it now if you don't understand what you're doing.

2) Even though the tax offices are physically closed, you can still get help by phone. Before you go to an accountant that will cost you money, call the tax office and speak with them for free.

See here:

Specifically the first two paragraphs;
- Comment et quand rentrer la déclaration ?
- Comment et quand rentrer la déclaration ?

May 13, 2020 11:24

Once you start getting complicated, the Belgian PAYE system (précompte professionel) is hopeless at keeping track. You're not "paying it back", you're making up the shortfall that you should have paid over the year.

I put about 15% of my income into a tax contingency fund. There's been times when I've needed the lot and times when I've had a refund. It very much depends what happens with work (including kids & partner) over the year.

May 13, 2020 12:22

thanks everyone,

your advise were really helpful and I managed to sort out this thing (without paying anything to external advisers btw) - in the end I will need to pay the amount appeared in the simulation but at least now I have clarity from where it comes.

May 15, 2020 19:12