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Hi ,

I have cleared nederlands taal 1.1 last year. But, unfortunately i have been late in enrolling

for the course Nederlands 1.2 this year ...

But, i will be getting the necessary course books (nederlands 1.2)  from a friend of mine .

I do not want to miss out on these 6 months of studies ....

My plan is to study nederlands 1.2 and then  give an entrance exam

at a CVO for nederlands level 2.1 .

Is it a good idea ? Is level 1.2 easy to understand without a teacher ?


Level 1.2 is actually one of the most difficult levels (along with 2.1), many people don't pass the first time round.  This, off course, doesn't mean it isn't possible, it all depends on motivation and ability.  Do you live in Brussels? You should try practicing as much as possible, why not try a conversation group? Brutaal organise different ones.  Good luck!

Sep 26, 2011 18:33