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Synchronised traffic light trial has 'promising' results

21:56 14/01/2018

"Intelligent" traffic lights could save Brussels drivers precious time and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions - and the first tests have been described as "promising".

Eight of the city's busiest streets have been equipped with better-synchronised lights since late 2016, which are timed to allow drivers to pass a green light at each intersection.

Brussels mobility minister Pascal Smet said the results from Boulevards Charles Quint and Leopold II - the main artery from the E40 into Brussels through Koekelberg - showed congestion had improved. In an average day, drivers saved 185 hours not sitting at a red light, and CO2 emissions were down 5%.

The other streets using the intelligent traffic control at the moment are Rue Belliard and Rue de la Loi in the EU district, the inner ring from Sainctelette to Yser, Boulevard Industriel in Anderlecht, the Quai des Usines and Van Praet bridge near Docks Bruxsel. Another 10 locations are planned.

Smet said: "Thanks to better synchronisation of lights, everyone can move more easily through the city, traffic is smoother and public transport and pedestrians get more green lights wherever possible."



If it's that simple, why hasn't it been done long before now?

Jan 14, 2018 22:39

Its more that filter lights are extremely rare and this causes people to run red lights a total rethink on laning is needed as well as lights that detect traffic and work better. The light do work when traffic is minimal but the level of bureaucracy means even simple changes like this are too long coming buses and tram also need to be goven priority to make them faster methods of travel id they really want peopleout if cars

Jan 15, 2018 07:35

The focus should not be on the promising results. It should be on why Smet did not roll this out years ago. It's not rocket science that synchronised lights improve traffic flow - but as his general policy is to punish car drivers at every possible opportunity it's hardly a surprise that such efforts are only just being made.

Jan 15, 2018 16:30

How about crowdsourcing suggestions? Apparently Mechelen has a website / mail address for that. I'm sure the drivers of Brussels have millions of ideas (probably many identical) where the pain points are in Brussels and how to improve them.

Jan 16, 2018 11:28