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Switch to full-time work and enjoy more holidays

10:23 26/09/2013

People who switch from part-time to full-time employment will from now on automatically benefit from extra days off and will be entitled to a total of 20 days’ statutory holidays, L'Echo and De Tijd report. Practically speaking, this means they won’t have to wait for two years before they are  entitled to four weeks’ holidays. Until now, full-time employees were entitled to 20 days’ paid legal holidays the following year, while part-time workers received fewer days off. However, this system has now been changed through the implementation of a new law that comes into effect this year. The new work legislation stems from a European directive which states that every citizen has the right to four weeks’ holidays. Those who want to benefit from this measure, which is not mandatory, however, should bear in mind that their holiday pay will readjusted accordingly the following year. The new legislation affects more than 250,000 people, including those taking a career break or on parental leave.

Written by The Bulletin