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Swimming in Etterbeek


I'd like to start swimming again and the commune pool seems like the most affordable way to do so. I know how to swim, quite well, but I am fairly slow. I was wondering if anyone could tell me about the pools in Etterbeek I could use? Are they very crowded at around 4pm on a week day? What is lap swimming etiquette like in this country? I know in other countries I have lived in they sometimes had laps set aside for fast or slow swimmers and you just joined in and kept right! Any advice from fellow swimmers appreciated!


The swimming pool in rue des Champs is not bad at all, and at 4pm is relatively empty (people tend to arrive from 5:30 pm onwards). The swimming etiquette, however, is... non existent. When it gets crowded, it is hard to get a decent workout, and this is true for all the swimming pools in Brussels. Only the one in Tomberg (Woluwe) has a "fast lane", but enforcement is mild to say the least. In short, go to Etterbeek and you'll be fine :)

Oct 9, 2012 09:40