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Swimming classes near Tervuren


I'm looking for a pool in the Tervuren or surrounding area where my children can have swimming classes, preferably in english but could do in french either.

From the archives

erh try Tervuren pool? But lessons are in Dutch. Nearest pool with lessons in French to centre of Tervuren is Sportcity in WSP, plenty of children there speak neither English nor French and do just fine in lessons. You have 3 choices for lessons there :
Action Sport and CFSport wednesday afternoons
CNSW swimming club, same instructors as above, but later in the day Tues-Fri or Saturday mornings, cheaper too. If you live in WSP or go to school there, it's even cheaper for lessons. Enrolments next week -be there early, the queues are always long.

Sep 7, 2011 09:12