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Swimming caps?


Does anyone know if all swimming pools in Brussels require you to wear a swimming cap?? I have a real problem as I am allergic to the material used in swimming caps so can't wear one.
I live in Ixelles - have looked at quite a few websites and been to a few pools to enquire and they all seem to have it as mandatory?
Thanks a lot in advance.


In my experience, the caps are mandatory, and this is probably common. However, caps are available in different materials and pools (ours in any case) don't care what kind you use as long as you aren't shedding hair into the water. Is it silicone to which you are allergic? Get a fabric or rubber one instead. You should have choices at sports supply shops and many pools also sell them at the counter.

Apr 9, 2013 17:36
Madame Chapeau

My children wear fabric ones, much easier to use!

If you are willing to travel to Overijse, caps are not mandatory at their pool.

For opening hours see their website:

Apr 9, 2013 20:35

They are only mandatory at public pools, if you go to one of the private pools, then it's up to the pool, there are a few private pools in Ixelles.

Swim caps are made of rubber, silicone or synthetic lycra type, surely you can't react to all 3 types.

Apr 9, 2013 22:18

Decathlon has lycra type of swimming caps. Our children love them as they are soft and easy to wear.

Apr 10, 2013 09:36

Thank you all for your replies. I have not seen the swimming caps in lycra so will try that. Yes, I am allergic to sillicone and rubber. I will be off to Decathlon at the weekend.
Have a nice day everyone.

Apr 10, 2013 12:02