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Survey reveals half of Belgians are stressed-out at work

10:32 13/12/2013

Increasing workloads are being blamed for higher levels of stress among Belgium’s workforce, according to a survey of 4,000 employed Belgians.

The European Social Fund found that compared to conditions among workers  five years ago, nearly one out of every two of the country’s workers today are suffering the effects of stress, mostly due to being overworked.

The results also point to other various factors, such as the constant challenge of balancing life at work and home, putting up with lackluster management, long commutes to the office, and a shortage of career advancing opportunities as the major factors behind the stress.

The findings specifically highlight that of workers over age 50, only 1 in 5 has confidence in their employer, while the majority of the age group fear losing their jobs. 

Written by Andrew King



Is this what journalism at The Bulletin has come to? There's so much info missing here: Who carried out the survey? For what purpose was it carried out? Who might do anything about the findings? Were the same kind of surveys carried out in other EU countries? Where could one find the full survey report?

Dec 13, 2013 12:16