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super noisy flat


I've just moved to a flat that is extremely badly insulated.  Therefore, not only is it cold (even though there is double-paned glass - it seems not be correctly installed), I can hear literally everything that the upstairs neighbours are doing.  I hear them talking, sneezing, walking - everything.  In addition, they have a 4 year old child that plays with marbles and rolls them along on the floor almost constantly from the time he gets up (about 7h) til the time they put him to bed (22h).

What can I do besides installing super expensive insulated ceilings?  Mind you, I rent, so I don't really want to invest a lot of money in home improvement.  And, I also don't want them to tell their kid to stop playing in his own home either...  :)





Have you not carefully visited the place BEFORE to sign your lease contract?

How many times have you visited it?

Do you have a standard lease contract (9 years duration - Main residence)?


If yes, you can break it whenever you want. You simpl need to send a 3 months termination notice and pay indemnities ...

Nov 3, 2011 13:53